The IRS is not a political enterprise.  It is a U.S. government institution.  As such, when it defends itself, it is by definition defending our country.

The IRS nurtures and now stands guard over the federal system of government that we have come to know and love.  Through no fault of its own the IRS has been threatened.  Conservative organizations have advocated the destruction of the IRS.  They have threatened to dismantle it and to simplify the federal tax code.  The unintended consequences of such folly could bring our way of government to its knees.

The IRS is not at fault for targeting Tea Party and other conservative "non-profit" enterprises.  The IRS is on the side of right and our sense of fairness should drive us to its defense.  The IRS is to be praised for standing up for itself and for the U.S.A.  Without our complex tax code and the IRS to defend it where would we be?  Thousands of accountants, lawyers, tax advisers and government bureaucrats would be without work.  Our political leaders would lack the funds that they invest so wisely on our behalf. 

The IRS does not sit idly by when it is attacked.  It takes action, especially against those misguided souls who think our federal government is too big, that it spends too much and that it outlaws freedom of choice.

The IRS is not acting politically.  It is acting out of patriotic self defense.

Don't mess with the IRS.  As their employee mantra goes, "We are the IRS.  We've got what it takes to take what you've got."

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