by Lex Hannan


Fire the cops!

Before they kill us all,

Take them down a peg, they’ve gotten too tall.

Think of all the money we’ll save.

All we need to do is behave.

No taxes for tazers, cop cars or guns,

No more bullets for killing our sons.

No need for courts, judges, lawyers or jails.

All we need is for peace to prevail.

If you do your part and I do mine,

Cops won’t put their lives on the line.

Fire the cops!

No need for the blue.

They just lock me up when I beat on you.

Fire the cops!

Give them the shoe.

But when they’re gone, who’ll protect me from you?

On second thought, maybe, we should keep just a few.

Those who serve and protect are the ones that will do.



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